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Quick Update on the Show

SURPRISE! We haven’t vanished off the face of the planet – well, not literally, anyway. You’re probably wondering where the latest episode is, or why we haven’t posted anything in a few weeks.

Welp, there’s a reason for that.

Early December, Anthony got temporarily furloughed from his job due to financial reasons. Following that, there was a string of health-related issues, as well as various personal incidents, that sapped any and all mental bandwidth to do the podcast, post to social media, or generally inform anyone of what was going on.

You laugh, but Anthony’s sister literally lays down on the floor when she’s overwhelmed, so this isn’t all that far-fetched.

The ideal solution to a problem isn’t to shut down, but when it’s a trauma response to a series of successive unfortunate circumstances, the brain doesn’t always necessarily go for what’s best, it goes for what’s going to protect it. And in this case, Anthony’s learned response is to hunker down and wait for things to blow over. Which is a setup that works well for him personally…

Let’s be real here, this was just an excuse to share an image of Chris Hemsworth.

but notsomuch for the podcast.

In the words of the late great Stan Lee, however, fear not True Believers! Things are picking back up, both for Anthony and Capes on the Couch! He is seeing a therapist, and although it’s still early, there’s a positive outlook on things, and the support is reassuring. We’ve also got an interview scheduled with Phillip Kennedy Johnson, who will be returning to the show for the first time in almost THREE YEARS – and he’s been a busy man, so we’ll have a LOT to discuss. Plus we’re coming up on our SIX YEAR ANNIVERSARY!

Pictured above: not entirely inaccurate depiction of Anthony dancing

We’re still amazed we made it to one year, nevermind six, so there will be something special to announce. And we’ve got our THIRD panel appearance at PuchiCon – we’ll be in Teaneck on Saturday, March 2nd to talk Baccano! Head to the PuchiCon website to get your tickets now!

I’d like to think this is how PuchiCon approved the panel for us 🙂

So although 2024 may have taken a while to get off the ground, we’ve got things in store. So sit tight, and we’ll be back and bringing you our unique brand of psychological analysis and pop culture randomness shortly. We miss you as much as you miss us.

– Anthony

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