Issue 12 – Mr. Freeze

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Anthony & Dr. Issues chill out while talking about Batman’s coolest nemesis, Mr. Freeze! Plus dueling song references – Foreigner vs. Omarion, and yet another South Park reference…


  • Introduction
  • Background (06:33)
    • Created by Dave Wood & Sheldon Moldoff in Batman 121 (Feb. 1959) as Mr. Zero – rogue scientist who spilled cryogenic chemicals on himself
    • Renamed Mr. Freeze in 1960s TV series (real name was Dr. Art Schivel) – generic mad scientist
    • “Heart of Ice”, Batman: The Animated Series episode from September 1992 revamped character and gave him tragic backstory (and redesign by Hellboy creator Mike Mignola)
      • Victor Fries was scientist working for GothCorp and invented a cryogenic chamber to preserve his terminally ill wife Nora until she could be cured – got chemicals spilled on him, and now needs a sub-zero suit to keep him alive
    • Comics adopted the animated backstory for their use
    • Teams with Nyssa al Ghul to use Lazarus Pit to revive Nora – but she comes back as Lazara and leaves him
    • New 52 reboot – Victor’s mother fell through ice which kept her alive, and he became fascinated with cryonics as a result
    • Nora Fields was kept preserved for 20 years before Victor even heard of her, and he did his thesis on her – became obsessed with finding a way to bring her back, until Bruce Wayne shut down the project, and in a fit of rage ended up spilling chemicals on himself
    • Gets captured by the Red Hood and sent to Arkham, where he escapes – decides to kill Bruce Wayne and leave Gotham with Nora – stopped by Batman
  • Issues (16:48)
    • Obsession with Nora
    • Misanthropy
  • Treatment (32:57)
    • In-universe
    • Out-of-universe
  • Couch skit (44:00)
  • Ending (46:04)


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