Issue 20 – Multiple Man

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It’s our second ever Patreon President-selected episode, as listener Matt suggests Multiple Man Jamie Madrox! Anthony & Dr. Issues discuss paralysis by analysis, and Doc deals with an unorthodox group session. Listen now!


  • Introduction
  • Background (03:33)
    • Created by Chris Claremont, Len Wein, John Buscema in Giant-Size Fantastic Four #4 (Feb. 1975)
    • Has ability to create numerous duplicates of himself, usually through kinetic force
    • Is not a mutant, but a changeling – a subsection of mutants whose abilities manifest at birth, rather than adolescence
    • Splits into two babies when the doctor slaps him at birth
    • Father creates a suit to control his powers
    • Damien Tryp tries to convince Madroxes to let Jamie come with him, they refuse, and Tryp creates a tornado that destroys his home and kills his parents
    • Finds the Fantastic Four, who send him to Professor Xavier, who sends him to study at Muir Island with Moira McTaggert
    • He gets close with Siryn, daughter of Banshee
    • Duplicate goes off and joins the Fallen Angels, who then aligns with Mister Sinister – ends up shooting another duplicate, and then gets reabsorbed into Madrox Prime, who was suffering from existential crisis that dupe could have separate life and be considered a separate individual – he basically saw another version of himself murdered in front of him
    • Exposed to Legacy Virus – while infected, taken by Goddess as part of Infinity Crusade
    • Dies from Legacy Virus – except it was a dupe, and the real Madrox has amnesia
    • M-Day – opens X-Factor Investigations with game show winnings – keeps powers because he is a changeling, not a mutant
    • Civil War – Madrox is both anti-registration, as well as a member of SHIELD hunting down protestors
    • Goes on mission to reabsorb numerous dupes – discovers Father John Maddox, a dupe with a family and a son, so Jamie leaves him alone
    • Discovered one of his dupes slept with Siryn, and the other with Monet St. Croix – they’re not happy
    • Layla Miller and a Madrox dupe go into the future and end up in Bishop’s future – Madrox Prime ends up with same M-style tattoo but weaker
    • Siryn gave birth to a son named Sean, but when Jamie held him, he absorbed him – this made Jamie suicidal
      • Discovered that John Maddox’s son wasn’t biologically his
    • Summers Rebellion – Alternate future where mutants fight against human oppressors – Cortex is an agent of the government trying to put down the rebellion, and turns out to be a Madrox dupe
    • Killed again by Bloodbath – ends up in alternate reality where he’s sent back to reality by spirit of Dr. Strange
    • Matt Rocks – attorney dupe who helps She-Hulk defend Steve Rogers
    • Retired to a farm to live with Layla Miller, but went back to Muir Island to investigate Terrigen mists – got infected and died – Prime and all dupes buried on Muir Island
  • Issues (26:23)
    • Lack of identity
    • Inability to make a decision because he can make all of them (31:55)
    • Inability to father children as a result of absorbing duplicates (38:09)
  • Treatment (45:34)
    • In-universe – focus on Prime, get him to acknowledge he can’t control everyone and everything
    • Out-of-universe (49:30)
  • Skit
  • Ending


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