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Issue 3 – Tony Stark

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Dr. Issues learns we don’t have the licensing budget for good music, and Anthony discovers he’s like Iron Man, but not in the cool, mechanized suit-wearing kinda way.

Show notes:

  • Introduction
  • Background on Tony Stark
    • Starts off as Howard Hughes analogue – pro-war industrialist
    • 1969 – Artificial heart
    • Demon in a Bottle – Grapples with alcoholism
    • Loses company, becomes homeless – Rhodey takes over suit
    • Armor Wars – Takes out armored heroes/villains, battles Edwin Cord
    • Creates War Machine armor, but becomes paralyzed and loses Rhodey
    • The Crossing – kills several people (later retconned)
    • Heroes Reborn – comes back healthy and with new look
    • Secretary of Defense – leads to Avengers Disassembled
      • First time Stark Tower used as Avengers base
    • Civil War – Superhuman Registration Act
    • Dark Reign – Brain “rebooted”
    • Heroic Age – Bleeding Edge armor/Stark Resilient
    • Comics Tony turns into a clone of RDJ
    • Secret Wars II – Incursions, end of Ultimate Universe
    • Civil War II – Tony vs. Carol
    • Marvel NOW – Tony is in coma, brain is AI, Riri is Ironheart
  • Primary Issues
    • Arrogance
    • Alcoholism
    • Reliance on technology creates distance
    • Tendency to over-intellectualize everything
  • How to address issues
    • Want to solve problems without breaking him down
    • Narcissism makes for delicate handling
  • Tony on Dr. Issues’s couch

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