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Issue 4 – Moon Knight

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Anthony goes totally fanboy over his favorite character, while Dr. Issues tries to keep things on track. It’s a miracle this episode was only an hour…


  • Introduction
  • Background on Moon Knight
    • Marc Spector – Boxer, then Marine, then mercenary
    • Left to die in desert by Bushman, resurrected by Khonshu
    • Creates multiple identities – Steven Grant (millionaire) and Jake Lockley (cab driver)
    • Loses moon-based powers, joins West Coast Avengers
    • Battles brother Randall aka Shadow Knight
    • Dies after building explodes because of computerized Zero Hour program
    • Resurrected by Khonshu yet again
    • “The Bottom” – return of Moon Knight
    • Doesn’t take a side in Civil War, goes to Mexico, fights luchadors
    • Vengeance of Moon Knight – Return to NYC, no-kill policy in effect
    • Bendis run – Personalities become Spider-Man, Wolverine, Captain America
    • Ellis run – introduces suited Mr. Knight
    • Lemire run – reconciles issues with identities
    • Bemis run – introduces daughter
  • Primary issues
    • Dissociative identity disorder
    • Loss of powers
    • Religious reliance/Khonshu avatar appearance
    • On-again/off-again relationship with Marlene
    • Keeps allies at distance
  • Treatment
    • In-universe – Exhaust personalities to break Marc down
    • Out of universe – Variety of treatment, medication
  • Next week’s episode: Harley Quinn

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