Capes on the Couch Antiheroes,DC,Episodes Issue 37 – The Chief

Issue 37 – The Chief

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  • Introduction

  • Background (06:00)

    • The Chief (Niles Caulder) created by Arnold Drake & Bruno Premiani in My Greatest Adventure #80 (June 1963)

    • Leader of the Doom Patrol, a group of superpowered “freaks”

    • Received funding from a mysterious benefactor at a young age to create inventions

    • Met a woman named Arani Desai and got married – gave her immortality on their wedding night, then left her because he was in danger from the benefactor

    • Discovered the benefactor was General Immortus, who wanted him to create a serum that would prolong his life – Caulder refused, and Immortus implanted an explosive device in his body – the device was removed, but it cost him the ability to walk

    • Determines that greatness comes from overcoming tragedy, so he engineers accidents to create other powered individuals

    • Uses his genius intellect and money to help the Doom Patrol fight crime – creates suits for members

    • Later discovered that his experiments led to the Brotherhood of Evil, a terrorist organization responsible for destroying Bludhaven

    • Gets decapitated by the Candlemaker, and exists as a severed head in a bucket of ice – combines with Alice Wired-For-Sound, a Sexually Remaindered Spirit, which allowed him to move around, and then died

    • After Infinite Crisis, he regained his body and leadership of Doom Patrol – becomes more manipulative over the team, who resent him

    • Takes over a Kryptonian body, and uses his intellect to “improve” the world – destroys every missile on the planet, and then attacks the UN – gets taken down by his computer

    • New 52 – young and healthy, provides a headquarters for Doom Patrol, but gets captured by Deathstroke

  • Issues (14:31)

    • Misguided belief that only tragedy can create greatness

    • Manipulation of team (24:11)

    • Abandonment of wife on wedding night (33:53)

  • Treatment (48:09)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (53:21)

  • Skit (61:39)

  • Ending (78:42)



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