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Issue 52 – Creators on the Couch – Callum Cooper

Our second ever creator interview has Anthony & Doc speaking with ERICA SCHULTZ, writer of Twelve Devils Dancing. Who is Callum Cooper? What impacts does being raised in a cult have on him? And a tease for one of her big upcoming projects. Listen now!


  • Intro
  • Interview (02:50)
    • Background – other works in comics
    • What inspired this story?
    • What was the motivation to give Cal Parkinson’s? (10:52)
    • Multiple characters refer to Cal as “cocky”. However, it’s clear that he’s unsure of himself in every area besides decoding and hunting this serial killer. Was that the intention from the start? (17:36)
    • The story places a high value on intelligence across the board (31:06)
    • Protagonist is victim of cult mentality 
    • Upcoming projects and social media plugs
  • Break – plug Anxenity
  • Ending
    • Next episodes – She-Hulk and Jason Todd


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