Issue 51 – Riddler

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  • Intro

  • Background (1:15)

    • Riddler created by Bill Finger & Dick Sprang in Detective Comics #140 (October 1948)

    • Edward Nigma loved puzzles so much he became obsessed with using puzzles to cheat people out of money

    • Decided to challenge Batman as a worthy adversary

    • Hush – Riddler determines Batman’s secret identity and threatens to expose it, but Batman says that a riddle that everyone knows the answer to is meaningless

    • Becomes adversary of Green Arrow for a while

    • Spends a year in a coma and awakens to find himself cured of his insanity and obsession with riddles – but does not remember Bruce Wayne is Batman – he assists several heroes with his intellect for a while

    • Returns to villainy after being hit with a bomb, restarting his psychosis

    • New 52 – slightly new look, but same adversarial stance with Batman’s

    • Rebirth – begins as inmate in Arkham, and helps Gotham PD against the Joker

      • Offers Joker a partnership, saying if either killed Batman, the other would be unfulfilled – Joker shoots him in the stomach and leaves

      • Forms a team to fight Joker in a turf war over Gotham

  • Issues (8:48)

    • Brian – why does he leave puzzles for Batman to find?

    • Why doesn’t he stop since he always loses? (12:29)

    • During his reformation, he retained his intelligence and detachment from humanity, yet wanted to do good – why?

  • Treatment (29:38)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe (36:14)

  • Skit (45:32)

  • Ending


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