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Issue 190 – Jack Russell

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Under the cover of a full moon, we shed a light on Jack Russell, WEREWOLF BY NIGHT! How many Warren Zevon references do we fit into this episode? Listen now to find out!

  • Intro
    • Apologies for delays in episodes – Doc and I going thru stuff (separately) 
    • Reminder that Shenanicon registration is now open – still no word on exact date & time of Baccano panel
  • Background (3:13)
    • Jack Russell, Werewolf by Night, created by Roy Thomas, Jeanie Thomas, Gerry Conway, & Mike Ploog in Marvel Spotlight #2 (Feb. 1972)
    • Jacob Russoff is the son of Gregor Russoff, a Transylvanian baron whose ancestor was bitten by a werewolf working for Vlad Dracula in 1795
    • Gregor acquired the Darkhold and read it, triggering the latent curse and turning him into a werewolf – after he was killed, his wife Laura moved to America and remarried her brother-in-law Phillip Russell, and Jacob became Jack Russell
    • Jack’s curse took effect on his 18th birthday, and shortly thereafter his family’s driver sabotaged his mother’s car to crash under Phillip’s orders – before her death she told Jack the truth about his heritage and made him promise not to take revenge on Phillip (no promise was made about the driver, though…)
    • Spent most of the next few years on the run from the Committee, who wanted to capture him and use him for their own purposes – among the many people hired by the Committee was Moon Knight, who defeated Jack before having a change of heart and teaming up with Jack to escape
    • Spends a chunk of the 80s on a motorcycle driving around the country – after a battle with the Hulk, his father’s spirit tells him he must accept his beastly nature or die; he does, and gains control over his transformation and abilities
    • Unfortunately his control didn’t last, and he began seeing visions of Hell during his transformations – this drove him to alcoholism and suicidal thoughts until he encountered a woman similarly afflicted and under siege by a small town – they killed the leaders and agreed to help each other live free
    • He was given a vaccine by Michael Morbius that helped him regain control, and he joined the Midnight Sons – his new mindset was that of acceptance, and he was determined to find other “monsters” around the world and help them the way he had been helped – this includes Rahne Sinclair’s son, who she rejected because the child was feral
    • He had his head blown off by Deadpool after Wade found him in bed with his wife – he survived, but it took some time for his head to grow back
  • Issues – Theme is “a sheep in wolf’s clothing” (7:46)
    • Finally reached an acceptance of his werewolf nature, even if the world hasn’t
    • Formerly suicidal alcoholic (14:10)
    • A drifter who’s unattached to any one place for too long (24:28)
  • Break (32:12)
  • Treatment
    • In-universe – Treat yo self
    • Out of universe – Focus on the addiction issues first, and then work on the other things
  • Skit (41:40)
    • Hello Jack, I’m Dr. Issues. – Hi. Man, I could have used you a long time ago.
    • *pause* Thaaanks? So, what can I do for you…now? – Just hear me out. I’ve hesitated to do any therapy because I didn’t think anyone would listen. 
    • Oh, so my reputation precedes me. -You never answered my calls or emails.
    • I can be scant in my availability, yes. But that should be a deterrent, right?. -Every review I read said that you are the most patient psychiatrist they’ve ever met, but you’re hard to track. I like that. Maybe you can tolerate my story. 
    • My goal is more than tolerance. I want patients to thrive. But sometimes you have to crawl, then walk, then run. -You got that right! So I did my homework. I know this is confidential as long as I’m not a threat, right?
    • Yup. -Well, what if I told you that there’s only a certain number of nights where I was a threat, but I kept everyone safe with an airtight plan? Makes sense, right? 
    • I guess -*interrupting* and what if I told you that I even went so far as to meditate to harness my rage in a form that was productive. Are you with me?
    • Is this a metaphor for male menopause or -*interrupts again* Heck man, I even found a, uh, “alternative healer” to basically cure me. This is some wild stuff, huh?
    • You sound like an infomercial right now. What is your angle? Are you trying to promote some woo-woo healthy positivity or what? I’m confused. You’re way more upbeat than I thought you’d be. I just scrolled through your emails -Better late than never
    • *Interrupting* No wonder I blew you off. You sent me an autobiography that reads like Ann Rice decided to make out with Kafka. -*pause* So a bit melodramatic?
    • Therapy is supposed to be more than just venting. You say you have all of these tools to…wow this is long…survive with lycanthropy?! You could have just said “I’m a werewolf.” -Well you always use those vocab words in your writing so I was trying to match you. And how dare you try to shame a patient. I’ve come a long way, you know!
    • No shame, no blame. Just…*sigh* I get this a lot. You want to connect on a human level. That’s awesome. I’m impressed, because you’re clearly putting the proper energy into this. But there IS a way to swing too far on that pendulum. I want to be your trusted professional, but I’m not your buddy. There’s a difference. Let’s focus on your accomplishments so far, since that’s your focus out of the gate. -Cool! First off, I survived a family that sometimes turned feral. Lots of reconciliation.
    • Great. -I am on the sober path.
    • Wonderful. -I can live in my own skin…and fur. 
    • Check. -No, further east than that.
    • Huh? -Nevermind, bad joke. 
    • Not rushin ya -Huh?
    • Even worse joke. -*snaps fingers* You DO have a bright side.Anywho, what I’m trying to say is, I don’t have everything figured out. But I’ve taken care of the boulders. Now I need to take care of the smaller rocks, the pebbles…you get it?
    • Yup. Much better clarity. I’ll take you on as a patient under one condition -No werewolf?
    • How’d you guess? -Just a hunch. Oh, and here’s my local pharmacy. 
    • I don’t think you need a prescription -It’s the only one I know willing to incorporate silver compounds.
    • *pause* Welp, that’s either a dark backup plan, or the wickedest joke of this encounter. *simultaneously* WHY NOT BOTH?
  • Ending (46:03)
    • Recommended reading: Legion of Monsters
    • Next episodes: Storm, Wonder Woman, Shadowman
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