Issue 60 – NYCC Part 2

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  • Intro

    • Al Ewing (1:02)

      • What he’s worked on in the past

      • Did he pitch the Immortal Hulk to Marvel or did they come to him?

      • How much research does he do to come up with the opening quote?

      • Why did he allow the Hulk to retain eloquence when he speaks?

      • Will he write Guardians and Hulk simultaneously?

    • Saladin Ahmed (11:29)

      • What he’s currently working on

      • Quicksilver – what is his favorite aspect of his personality?

      • How can Pietro alleviate anxiety and stress?

      • Black Bolt – what did he accentuate in his run on the character?

      • What other issues did he want to discuss with Black Bolt?

      • Miles Morales – what does he want to say through Miles?

      • How does he write Miles’ positivity to differentiate him from Peter?

      • What cultural issues does he want to tackle next through comics?

    • Erica Schultz (20:13)

      • What is Forgotten Home about?

      • What was the genesis for this story?

      • Is this an ongoing or limited series?

      • What is the backstory of the main character?

      • How much backstory has been written on these characters?

      • How much Erica Schultz is in the main character?

      • Has she finished writing the story?

      • What is she teaching at the Kubert School?

      • How did she start that job?

      • What’s the next project?

    • Robbie Thompson (30:41)

      • What has he worked on and working on now

      • His favorite aspects of Silk

      • What ideas did he have to show how Cindy had been isolated for so long

      • How much Robbie Thompson is in Cindy Moon

      • What stories would he tell with Cindy again?

      • Which character would he love to write that he hasn’t yet?

      • What stories would he tell with them?

    • Chris Claremont (42:27)

      • Scott Summers – “born to lead” leads to paralysis by analysis

      • Wolverine & Kitty – why does Logan mentor her, and later Jubilee?

  • Ending

    • Next episode – Roy Harper

    • Mega-crossover event with Popcorn Psychology, Freudian Sips, Pop Psych 101, and GuardiansMH


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