Capes on the Couch Avengers,Episodes,Heroes,Marvel Issue 66(6) – Robbie Reyes

Issue 66(6) – Robbie Reyes

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  • Intro

    • Reminder for sticker giveaway

    • Review read: Chad Brockbrader – “Such a great listen, stacking layers on the foundations of characters I THOUGHT I knew like the back of my hand”

    • Shoutout to 10ish Pod – Nick & Brandon cover a different topic each week, covering the top 10-ish of that list, in real time, as only one of them knows what the list is while the other one is in the dark – educational, hilarious, and NSFW –

  • Background (03:43)

    • Robbie Reyes created by Felipe Smith & Tradd Moore in All New Ghost Rider #1 (March 2014) – one of the newest characters we’ve done

    • Robbie is a high school student working as a mechanic while taking care of his disabled brother Gabe

    • He borrows a car from his shop and uses it in a street race, unaware the car not only contains pills created by Calvin Zabo, aka Mr. Hyde, but that the car is possessed by a demonic spirit

    • Mercs shoot Robbie to retrieve the pills, and he is revived by the spirit in the car

    • The spirit is Eli Morrow, a satanic serial killer later revealed to be Robbie’s uncle – Eli pushed Robbie’s mother down the stairs, making him responsible for Gabe’s disabilities

    • Robbie first uses the power to win races and earn money to take care of Gabe, but Eli grows tired of his power being “wasted”, so he takes over Gabe in an attempt to kill a Russian mobster – Robbie fights the spirit, kills the mobster, and bonds with Eli’s spirit – agrees to only kill people with evil souls

    • Later joined the Avengers – just finished a story arc called “Challenge of the Ghost Riders” where Robbie calls upon the Avengers and other Ghost Riders to help him exorcise Eli’s spirit

  • Issues (8:38)

    • Family – Ruby notes that a recurring theme among the Ghost Riders is family – Robbie and Gabe, Danny and his mom, Johnny and his issues – idea that giving all to the family becomes too much

    • On that note, relationship with Gabe prevents him from having a typical adolescence – responsibility foisted upon him at a young age (20:15)

    • Thrill-seeking leads to rash decisions – that’s how he ended up on the possessed car in the first place (29:15)

  • Break (39:47)

  • Treatment (41:06)

    • In-universe

    • Out of universe

  • Skit (58:46)

  • Ending
    • Thank you’s



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