Issue 9 – Loki

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Anthony and Dr. Issues dissect the God of Mischief, Loki! They also talk sibling rivalries, gender fluidity, and sing the Odd Couple theme. It’s a good one, we promise.


  • Introduction
  • Infinity War discussion – SPOILER FREE (01:25)
  • Background on Loki (03:55)
    • First appeared in Timely Comics Venus #6 in 1949 as an exiled Olympian God
    • Familiar appearance debuted in Journey Into Mystery #85, October 1962, as Thor’s enemy
    • Son of Laufey, felled ruler of the Frost Giants, adopted by Odin of Asgard
    • Raised alongside Odin’s son Thor, but jealous because he’s treated differently
    • Repeatedly tries to overthrow Asgard and/or defeat Thor
    • Instrumental in founding the Avengers as an enemy (08:25)
    • During “Acts of Vengeance” story, convinces other villains to attack heroes they’re not typically associated with
    • Loki manipulates his spirit to control Lady Sif and becomes a woman
    • Torn apart by the Void and resurrected
    • Kid Loki becomes a street hustler
    • Joins Young Avengers, regains power and age through Wiccan’s spell
    • Agent of Asgard – befriends Verity Wills who can tell when someone is lying
    • Survives the incursions of “Secret Wars”
    • Doesn’t know what comes next (there’s a door with a sign and everything!)
  • Issues (18:34)
    • Pathological liar
      • Pathological vs. compulsive liar
    • Sibling rivalry/jealousy of Thor (24:52)
    • Gender identity/sexuality (33:01)
      • Not gender identity disorder
  • Treatment
    • In-universe – ultimate family therapy (39:49)
      • Proof of progress
    • Out of universe (42:16)
      • Family therapy if possible
      • Journal of lies vs. truth
  • Couch skit (47:59)
  • Ending (50:07)
    • Next few episodes:
      • May 16 – Deadpool
      • May 23 – Booster Gold
      • May 30 – Mr. Freeze

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