Issue 94 – Baphomet

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    • Baphomet created by Kieron Gillen, Jamie McKelvie, and Matthew Wilson in The Wicked + The Divine #2 (July 2014)
    • Makes his debut in the London Underground holding the Morrigan’s severed head, but was interrupted by the Morrigan herself – they fought until Laura intervened
    • Learns of the “Prometheus gambit”, where a god can extend their life by killing another god – initially targets Urdr but gets stopped by Morrigan, and focuses on Inanna instead
    • Later revealed that he didn’t kill Inanna, and they went to Laura – witnessed her transformation into Persephone, and after Ananke killed Inanna, Baphomet took Persephone to the Underground to hide
    • After sleeping with Persephone, he revealed that he’s actually Nergal, but changed his name because he was ashamed of the association with Warhammer 40K – before becoming a god, he was Cameron, a role-playing nerd in love with Marian – when Marian became the Morrigan, she convinced Ananke to turn him into a god, which he did not appreciate initially
    • After Persephone kills Ananke, he and Morrigan resume their relationship, which turns abusive towards him – Morrigan becomes very controlling and physically abusive
    • Later discovers that Morrigan wanted him to become a god so they could kill and resurrect each other forever
    • Permanently kills the Morrigan’s 3 alters to provide bodies for the disembodied heads of Lucifer, Inanna, and Tara
    • Sacrifices his brain to bring back Dionysus
  • Issues (17:16)
    • Scared, insecure, and afraid of death
    • Postures as what he thinks masculinity should look like, as well as what he thinks Morrigan wants (24:20)
    • Domestic abuse from a male perspective (31:54)
    • Was an identity forced upon him, or did he refuse the identity gifted to him and make his own? (42:15)
  • Break (55:48)
    • Plugs for Popcorn Psychology, Bedknobs & Broomflicks, and Jeremy Whitley
  • Treatment (56:42) 
    • In-universe – Need a fan to infiltrate the Pantheon and feed information to him
    • Out of universe
  • Skit 
  • Ending (74:58)
    • Recommended reading: the entire Wicked + Divine series
    • Next episodes: Killer Croc, Black Adam, Stranger in a strange land
    • Plugs for social


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