Capes on the Couch Transcripts Season 8 Changes Transcript

Season 8 Changes Transcript

Anthony: Hey everybody. It’s Anthony Sytko here.

Doc Issues: And this is Dr. Issues.

Anthony: We’re just giving you a little mini episode. We know you’ve been waiting aside from the hiatus break and the creator interviews to let you know that we’ve got quite a few changes coming to the show for season eight and we’re very excited about them.

And so, because we wanted to. Go a little more in depth on some of these changes and not spend 20 minutes at the start of our first official episode, telling you about all those changes. We just kind of wanted to do this on the side. Plus it gives you a little hit in your RSS feed to be like, Hey, there’s capes on the couch. I remember those guys. When are they releasing episodes next week? That’s awesome because that’s right. September 29th, new episodes drop. And we’ve got a lot of stuff lined up for you for season 8.. I think at this point we’ve already got four episodes in the can or the very least either written or recorded.

And that is way bigger of a backlog than I’m used to having. So that in and of itself is is pretty exciting. The first change I wanna announce is that we have officially joined a podcast network. We are so excited to announce that we have been approved to formally join the GonnaGeek network. is the home of some wonderful and fantastic geeky shows.

You may have heard me guest on play comics. You may have been listening to me doing some guest spots on legends of shield, and I know doc is gonna be on an episode coming up.

Doc Issues: That’s right. That’s right.

Anthony: You wanna give us a little more info on that?

Doc Issues: No, but , I will no seriously-,

Anthony: Fine, just completely blow up my spot.,

Doc Issues: no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no, no.

I’m gonna I’m after after much cajoling, I am going to be on play comics. Actually shortly after we get off of hiatus in terms of what is gonna be released. So, you know, it’s. I’m not gonna give away too much just to actually say I’m doing that. The fact that I’m doing that is probably the biggest deal.

Anthony: Yes. And I’m sure Kate for ignorance was bliss is very, very upset now because she’s been trying to get you on her show even longer. So you owe her now as well. But so moving forward, nothing is really gonna change about the show in terms of, of that you’re gonna hear, you will hear a pre-roll at the start of every episode from another gonna geek show.

So instead of hearing docs, voice in the disclaimer, right off the bat, the first thing you’re gonna hear is going to be the preroll, but then it’s gonna go right into the, the disclaimer as you’re used to hearing. And then when we do the plugs. Our shows in the middle of everything there’s gonna inevitably be.

One of the shows will be another network show. But the nice thing that I like about the network is that it’s not exclusive in the sense that we can plug other non-network shows. They just, do ask that we plug the other network shows and, and in turn we will get promoted on their shows. So it was just a really good environment.

As I said, I’ve done a lot of guesting on other shows on the network. And so when doc and I were talking about some of the changes and things we wanted to do you know, I said to him, Hey, would, would you be interested in this? Is this something that, that would be good for us? And we kind of talked about it and really didn’t see a downside.

Doc Issues: Right. Got the opportunity to directly about all of this. And to be honest, cuz we, we did have you know, previous offer in a completely different environ. This was incredibly transparent, easygoing and made sense for us. It really dovetails well with what we’re already looking to accomplish with the show in terms of the tone just, you know, keeping things positive overall and you know, just allowing geeks to be geeks.

Anthony: Absolutely. Yeah. And S P and Steven John drew the, basically the, the heads of the network. They have welcomed us with open arms. And as I said, I’ve, I’ve done numerous guest spots on legends of shield. And that’s kind of how this really snowballed is, is in talking with SP he kind of made some comments that he would love to see us join.

And so when we were talking about it and I said, well, I think if we apply it’s I don’t wanna say an automatic. Yes. But it would be, you know, very much favorable. And so so here we are. So we. Our show, obviously, in addition to our website and, and everywhere that you can find us, we are going to be found on the gonna geek website, gonna and moving forward as we have intermittently done.

And I would like to do with some, maybe more consistency as far as live streaming is concerned. You will be able to find us on, which is the live streaming website for. Gonna shows where you can go to and watch the various shows record their episodes. As I often do with the legends of shield.

And I, I don’t know if Chris does it on play comics, but, and in a case that is another place where you’ll be able to find our content. So really it’s just about expanding the capes on the couch reach and the brand. And so this was an opportunity that, that came up and we were, as I said, very excited.

So that’s an area where we’ve gained. One area in which we have reduced is that we have dropped our sponsor better help for a number of reasons. And I’m not gonna belabor all of them suffice to say that we just felt it was no longer, really a good fit for us in terms of some of the practices of better help.

We still obviously continue to advocate for therapy. And telemedicine in general with respect to availability and helping out patients. We’ve done numerous discussions with the mental health Avengers about some of these varied topics, but when it came to better help specifically, we just felt we weren’t really getting what we had initially envisioned out of the.

And an expression that my sister’s fond of using is that the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze and so-

Doc Issues: easily the best description

Anthony: we just kind of made the decision to drop it, so you will no longer be hearing better help ads. They are not dynamic. So if you go and listen to our older episodes, they’ll still be there.

But as I said, moving forward, we will not be promoting them any. Another add is that moving forward? All new episodes are going to have transcripts on the day of release, because as part of my editing process, I am using Descript, which is a software service that automatically transcribes audio and allows you to edit the audio through the transcript.

So I upload the audio of doc and I speak. And it does speech to text and then converts that into a format where if I see a word like or you know, or a like, or an unnecessary repetition, I can delete that word from the transcript and it will delete the corresponding audio. So it has streamlined my editing process immeasurably, which has the edited benefit, obviously of accessibility.

Folks with hearing impairments and things of that nature that do still want to engage with podcasts. And this is something that I had originally wanted to do in conjunction with an episode on echo that we’ve been working on. Unfortunately, I kept reaching out to a number of hearing impaired and deaf podcasters to get them on the show, to discuss the deaf experience because.

Neither of us obviously have hearing impairments and we didn’t feel it was appropriate to talk about a character like echo without including that obviously also including her native heritage, but it’s not there are, there are next to none that I’ve been able to find deaf and native podcasters. So. I said, well, let’s start with the deaf and we can address the native aspect of the heritage another time.

But in any case, the, a long winded way of saying that moving forward, all of our new episodes will have transcripts. I’m not exactly sure where in the show notes they’re going to be, but they will be there. And then we will eventually cover the back catalog. It’s a thing where I have a certain number of hours per month that I can upload the audio to.

And then it’s just a matter of running it through. Reading through the transcript and seeing anything that’s sort of blatantly incorrect, any major spelling errors, you know, full disclosure, the transcripts are not going to be 100% completely accurate, but to the best extent possible as I’m going through it, I will correct any errors as I see them.

Anything glaringly. I’m not a huge stickler for the punctuation. So sometimes it sticks a comma where there should be a period, a period in the middle of a sentence, et cetera. But if you’re reading it, you can get the general gist of what it is that we’re saying. And as I said, another bonus is it speeds up the editing time.

Cause I can read and delete a lot faster. Then listening to the entire episode in real time, pausing, editing, deleting anybody who edits audio will tell you it’s usually a three to one ratio in terms. How long it takes you to edit something versus how long it actually is. So an hour long episode takes about three hours to edit this, cuts it down to maybe about 90 minutes.

So I’m, I’m super grateful for that. Another addition we are finally are 40 year old asses are finally on TikTok. It’s about time.

Yeah, it’s the clock app. That’s where the kids are. That’s where. Gen Z and gen alpha are, they are on TikTok. We have to go where the a is. Okay. So I don’t know that you’re gonna see me flossing or doing dance challenges. My, I, I say my, because we all know I’m the one who handles the social media. listen, if we can get doc to do a dance challenge. On TikTok.

Doc Issues: Oh dear God. I know this is a total aside and I know that’s not the point of this episode, but there was someone named TikTok doc. And that is what he would do. He, I think he was a, a, I don’t remember, ER, or orthopedic surgeon or something, but anyway you get in good trouble at work for some sort of sexual assault charge.

So, no, I don’t wanna be known as a to doc because that already has a negative connotation.

Anthony: There you go. But we will be releasing some videos. They’ll be in conjunction with the episodes and then there’ll be some other fun stuff done in characters, the, the various characters throughout the week and or throughout the season.

So TikTok at Capes on the Couch, obviously. So we can add that to the list of social media channels, where you can find this. As of the recording in this episode, I don’t have any videos up, but I believe the day this is released, I should have something at least. And then moving forward, I have ideas whether I have the time to accomplish those ideas is something else entirely, but I have ideas and as we all know, ideas automatically get turned into action.

Right. That’s how ADHD works?.

For our patrons, our blessed and wonderful patrons of which we gained a few over the hiatus. And we are eternally grateful for all of you. There are going to be a couple more perks specifically. We’re looking to do more creator interviews in general for the general feed, but also we’re going to have exclusive creator interviews just for patron.

So you will hear us talking to folks about books, about things in general, that the main feed isn’t going to hear either if at either ever, or if they do hear it, it’s gonna be many, many months later. So this is stuff where we really want to give you amazing patron. More bang for your buck, essentially more, more value for your support, which we greatly greatly appreciate.

And you know, as I said, we, we picked up some during the hiatus. We’re gonna get back into recording with the patrons, doing trade paperback reviews with the patrons, so that you know, you can sort of engage with us directly. I have ideas in terms of patron. I don’t know the logistics of this, but a, a watch party where it’s just for patrons doc and I sit and watch a movie and we’re all on camera.

Yes. And we’re watching the movie together and we mystery science theater, 3000, the bejesus of it.

Doc Issues: This is one of the rare times I will actually toot my own horn. Like you guys don’t know what I’m like when I’m watching a movie.

Anthony: Oh, you don’t..

Doc Issues: This, is a rare opportunity where I really get to let loose because yes, I am that guy in the theater.

He is, you wanna punch him in the face?

Anthony: I’ve hit him repeatedly. Oh,

Doc Issues: do not make comments all the time about everything.

Anthony: Yeah, yeah, yeah. You do. Don’t get it.

Doc Issues: Yeah, you do you. Oh. Oh. And, and here’s the. Depending on the type of content it is. I’m saying this, Anthony doesn’t know this depending on how we do it and what the content is.

My daughter is the same way I’m getting her in on this. That is, that is just how I, I swear. I have said to her numerous times you are wrecking this for everyone else. And I realize only because.

You are almost

Anthony: now, you know how we feel now, you know, how I have felt for 25 years, you son of a bitch. I don’t movies with you and your wife anymore. Anyway. Yes, this is what doc does. This is what. You know, been this way for 25 years now, you’re gonna put a microphone in front of it’s gonna get worse. It’s gonna get worse. So all this and more, we’ve got some amazing episodes lined up.

We’ve got episodes lined up. I looked at the calendar pretty much through Christmas. I think we’ve got episodes lined up between our patrons and. Trying to tie in with certain movie releases and things of that nature. So we’ve got a lot of stuff coming out. We just dropped the other day, our interview with Tee Franklin regarding the, the giveaway of the smart crutch USA.

We’re definitely gonna have her back on the show. I can’t guarantee that she’ll be any more or less high than she was when we recorded . But. That was the most hilariously unhinged interview we have ever had. And we continued to talk for almost another half an hour afterwards. Yes. After the record, if can imagine some of the things that were said while the cameras were on and the recording, it was way more open mouth than open-minded.

And so many other things once the recording stopped

Doc Issues: and believe me, it wasn’t all Tee doing that.

Anthony: no, no, it wasn’t. It was also us. Yeah. We got to cut loose. So it was a lot of fun, all this and more starting next Wednesday. So gonna. Transcripts TikTok contest, giveaways, patron perks, more creative interviews, all of this and more coming straight to your ear.

Holes on every podcast, catcher, except for Spotify starting September 29th, you are welcome. And we are so excited to bring you season eight of capes on the couch, I think is gonna be the best season yet.

Doc Issues: It better be. There’s the amount of effort that you put in .

Anthony: Well, listen, I give as much effort as our fans give back to me.

They have been wonderful. They have been giving us stuff. You’ve been active in the discord. You’ve been active on social media. You’ve been talking to us, I’ve been doing my level best. You know, I had a kid a while ago, second kid. So I’m really strapped for time, but I am making it work and I’m giving it to you because you’re asking for it.

So as long as you keep asking for. We will give it to you.

Doc Issues: Absolutely. And, and I know everyone at this point knows my role is to bring my expertise, which I still do. But I really am enjoying this current run that we’re doing in terms of the episodes, the skits. Oh my goodness. I’ll just go ahead.

I’m not gonna give any info about who it is, but the text that I sent to Anthony. Skit written. I may have overdone it. So if you think what we’ve done before is a little wild not getting free reign sometimes to do these ahead and to actually be on time and on schedule with my mind free to roam.

Yeah. Yeah. You’re in for a treat.

Anthony: Absolutely. Right after I read. My response to him was that was great. And you didn’t even have to kick a tortoise and some of you may understand that reference. Yeah. That’s niche. That is, that is a little bit of a niche reference, but I will say this, if you, if you understood that reference, I’m glad that you didn’t do any brain to your damage.

I’ll say that. And hopefully that helps clarify things a little bit for where that skit is gonna go. So can’t wait to bring you new episodes. Start next week. Sue storm, the invisible woman it’s already locked and loaded. By the time this episode drops, the patrons have already listened to it. They’re loving it and special shout out to LW Salinas for giving us a, a fantastic job as Sue storm.

We had a lot of fun recording that one. We’ve got. Incredible episodes coming up and we can’t wait to bring ’em to you. So, doc, anything you wanna say before we head out of this little mini episode?

Doc Issues: Nah, cuz if I keep adding to it, it’s gonna be a major episode.

Anthony: Fair enough. So for doc I’m Anthony, we’ll see you next week with formal episode, we 156, stay tuned.

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