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Creators on the Couch – Tee Franklin

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In conjunction with a giveaway by SmartCrutchUSA, we talk to the hilarious Tee Franklin, writer of Harley Quinn: The Animated Series comic book, and the upcoming Edge of the Spider-Verse #4!

Details on the giveaway can be found here!

In the interest of getting this out quickly to make sure we meet the deadline for the giveaway, this episode has minimal editing – forgive us for the raw sound, but we wanted to get this in your ears before it’s too late!

2 thoughts on “Creators on the Couch – Tee Franklin”

  1. Belated thanks for the recommendation of the Harley Quinn animated series (haven’t read the comic) from the Batman issues you did. What a funny, smart, delightfully meta, and surprisingly moving series! It’s also refreshingly aware and sensitive to mental health and discrimination issues we see in the world around us and in superhero story history.

    I love all the riffing on characters we’ve known forever. I feel a bit bad for Bane. Riddler is a Queer Icon. Sad sack, desperate-for-a-cool-friend Gordon is such a funny departure from what I’ve only ever seen portrayed as a serious, principled professional.

    Perhaps most importantly, I cherish the friendship, love, partnership…even the philosophical differences and rifts between the leading ladies. Their relationship, their arcs, their agency and effectiveness would make the ladies at The Bechdel Cast proud.

    Also thanks to you guys for your continued excellence. You’re doing God’s work. Through…discussing…comics. Sounds weird reading that out loud, but I stand by it.

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