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This is Why Vandal Savage is Not a Motivational Speaker

There’s only so many hours in a day. You and I need a plan. We waste more time than we realize every day. Maybe we should write this down. Do you have a day planner? Journal? Calendar? A spare stone tablet? Good, because I think we can learn some serious time management skills from Mr. Savage.

Control Your Morning

What do you do when you wake up? Wait…you do wake up at the same time every day, right? Consistency is key. So, now that you start your day at the same time, what do yo do first? No snooze bar, please. You already set yourself up for failure that way. Do you think Vandal encounters a meteorite by pure luck? No way! He was the first one out of the cave. He was active. He didn’t check his phone for alerts. He didn’t have a phone…or fire, probably. I bet he ate a good breakfast (if there was food around). He had a few minutes/months of meditation or yoga thrown in. He actually wrote down his 3 main goals of the season. In the early AD years, it probably looked like:

-Entice a concubine

-Brainstorm with Constantine

-Be less drunk than those around him (seriously, research this. Alcoholic drinks preserve well, so it was a common choice right there with water. Don’t think that addiction is a new thing, and being sober was the ultimate leg up).

Enhance Your Sphere of Influence

People of Vandal Savage’s caliber may appear to luck into what happens to them. That’s a false premise. Savage has those opportunities brought to him because he put himself in a position of strength. If you want to build better habit, hang around with those who share the habit you want to build. Savage hung around leaders and supervillains. Strong bonds can be formed in a matter of a few friendly nights out. Vandal had centuries. He didn’t date the king’s daughter. He dated the king’s daughter, great grandniece, and probably played cards with his grandfather before the king was ever born. You can’t beat that level of nepotism!

Block out your time

Sometimes, you just have to buckle down. Set your hourglass to…an hour, I guess, and don’t let anyone get in your way. Your abacus won’t slide itself. Have a spare sheet of papyrus or two, and make sure you don’t run out of ink (if you do, your enemy’s drained blood shall suffice). There has been some debate about inkwell and ballpoint pens, but that’s minor. Once you’ve climbed the industrial ladder, invest in a good scribe. Your productivity will skyrocket out of nowhere! Plus, they probably know how to maintain the tubes on a UNIVAC better than you anyway. After each productive hour or month of work, check the sundial and give yourself a fifteen minute or fortnight reward. A healthy snack can really help get past those temporary lulls for a year or two.

Conquer Your Night

Whatever your day/quarter century looked like, you need to wind down. Don’t go to bed angry. Find at least one positive thing you’ve accomplished for that time period. Gratitude can’t let you down. Get your routine together and leave distractions at your front door. Prepare your toga/tunic/work uniform/business suit/ridiculous comic spandex next to your bed so you are ready to go in the morning. If you are religious, pray. If you are not religious, meditate. If you are Vandal Savage, convince people to pray to you. Whatever. Don’t have your rotary phone near your nightstand. Although it’s tempting to rehire an indentured servant, rest assured they’re dead and/or illegal by now. If you are fortunate enough to have a companion, please take a little bit of their entire lifetime to show your appreciation.

What Have We Learned?

When you have an abundance mindset, there is no limit to your rewards, including time.


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