Capes on the Couch DC,Episodes,Villains Issue 26 – Vandal Savage

Issue 26 – Vandal Savage

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  • Introduction
  • Background (11:25)
    • Created by Alfred Bester & Martin Nodell in Green Lantern #10 (December 1943)
    • Originally a Cro-Magnon named Vandar Adg who lived in approximately 50,000 BC, he was bathed in the radiation of a meteorite, which gave him intelligence and immortality
    • Claims to have been several people throughout the ages: Khafre, Cheops, Alexander the Great, Julius Caesar, Genghis Khan, Blackbeard, Vlad the Impaler, Jack the Ripper
      • Served as adviser to Erik the Red, William the Conqueror, Napoleon, Otto von Bismarck, and Adolf Hitler
    • Once tried to capture the Justice Society and place them in suspended animation, but was stopped by Jay Garrick and Barry Allen working together
    • Formed a villainous group called Tartarus to battle the Teen Titans – included Gorilla Grodd, Siren, Lady Vic, and others
    • Captured by authorities and sent to Salvation, a hellish planet that was a training ground for parademons of Apokolips – managed to survive long enough to escape back to Earth
    • Final Crisis – followers of Cain attack Savage with the Spear of Destiny, branding him with the Mark of Cain – battles the Spectre, and allies with Ra’s al Ghul to defeat group trying to track down the meteor that made Savage immortal
    • New 52 – used a meteorite to kill his chieftain in 47,000 BC
      • Fought alongside Knights Templar
      • Met Copernicus and killed him because he would not help him search for more asteroids
      • Allied with Nazis to use their technology to drive into a meteorite
    • Rebirth – rescued from prison by Secret Society and became their leader
    • Manages to take away Superman’s powers, and nearly defeats him, but his attempt to kill Superman backfires and rejuvenates him, and Superman wins
  • Issues (20:10)
    • Matt – You have all the money in the world, why conquer? Why not just sit back and let the money work for you?
    • Exclusivity & proximity to power (28:29)
    • All the patience in the world, yet frustrating on his scale/timeline (37:35)
  • Treatment (42:42)
    • In-universe
    • Out of universe (46:51)
  • Skit (55:06)
  • Ending


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