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Issue 125 – Black Widow (with Dr. Janina Scarlet)

Right before the Black Widow movie premiere, it’s our Season 6 premiere! We talk all things Natasha, and bring in Dr. Janina Scarlet to break down this assassin-turned-Avenger!

Bonus Creator Interviews

Frank Martin – Polar Paradox

We talk to writer Frank Martin about his new book Polar Paradox! Chill out and listen to this cool episode now!

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The Longbox View #8 – Ariel Meets Scott

Our own Ariel talks to Batman megawriter SCOTT SNYDER about Batman: The Black Mirror, along with his history at DC and other stories he’s written!

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Issue 124 – Victor Zsasz

He thinks you’re all sheep… and he wants to lead you to the slaughter! We examine the marked-up murderer Victor Zsasz!

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Issue 123 – Nebula

She’s not a Guardian of the Galaxy. She’s not Thanos’s daughter. But she is very angry. We examine NEBULA!

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Issue 122 – Erica Schultz Deadliest Bouquet

We bring Erica Schultz back for her 4th appearance to talk about 1998, Teaneck, and Zubaz pants. Oh, and her new book, The Deadliest Bouquet!

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Issue 121 – Comic book death

They say death is no laughing matter… it is when it’s not permanent! Anthony & Doc examine the revolving door of comic book death – listen now!

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The Longbox View #5

Ariel finishes her Longbox Review of the Black Mirror by Scott Synder and company. How does this epic story finish? Read now to find out!

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Issue 120 – Isaiah Bradley

Right after his appearance in Falcon & Winter Soldier, we take a look at the first Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley! This is an emotional one – you won’t want to miss it!

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Issue 119 – John Walker

Before the season finale of Falcon & Winter Soldier, we talk about John Walker! Does this Agent of America have a personal life? What would he do with free time? All this and more in a heavy hitting episode – listen now!