Issue 111 – Mojo

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    • Mojo created by Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams in Longshot #3 (Nov. 1985)
    • Residents of what became the Mojoverse were driven mad by energy waves from our world – turned out to be our TV transmissions
    • A race of spineless beings used technology to avoid having to do any manual labor, and instead forced slaves to do their bidding
    • Mojo used television to gain a measure of control over the world, and used it to dominate the world and the slave trade
    • Longshot, a stunt performer in Mojoverse, escaped to Earth 616, where he befriended Dr. Strange and several heroes – went back to free the remaining slaves, but was captured
    • Mojo then captured Psylocke and implanted cameras in her eyes to broadcast what she saw to his TV audience – although he was defeated by the X-Men, the battles created high ratings, so he remained popular
    • Longshot did eventually free the slaves, and Mojo was replaced with a humanoid clone, Mojo II: The Sequel, but he was also defeated by Longshot, and the original Mojo returned
    • At one point, captured most of the X-Men and recreated important points from their history, all while broadcasting it across the Mojoverse – simultaneously attempted to terraform NYC into the Mojoverse – defeated by an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed his equipment
    • In addition, the Howard the Duck movie is canon in the comics – Mojo filmed an alien in a duck costume interacting with Lea Thompson as part of a reality series on Howard the Duck
  • Issues (9:07)
    • Mania
    • Gluttony/hedonism (14:28)
    • How much of it is his fault? (21:12)
  • Break (28:42)
  • Treatment (29:59)
    • In-universe – Install an M-Chip to block him from accessing signals and unpry his eyes
    • Out of universe – (33:10)
  • Skit (39:25)
  • Ending (47:11)
    • Recommended reading: X-Men: Black – Mojo, Mojo Worldwide
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    • Plugs for social


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