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Issue 111 – Mojo

It’s murder, mayhem, and mania beamed directly to your brain thanks to MOJO! What can this spineless TV executive do to wind down? Tune in to find out, same Capes time, same Capes channel!

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    • Mojo created by Ann Nocenti and Arthur Adams in Longshot #3 (Nov. 1985)
    • Residents of what became the Mojoverse were driven mad by energy waves from our world – turned out to be our TV transmissions
    • A race of spineless beings used technology to avoid having to do any manual labor, and instead forced slaves to do their bidding
    • Mojo used television to gain a measure of control over the world, and used it to dominate the world and the slave trade
    • Longshot, a stunt performer in Mojoverse, escaped to Earth 616, where he befriended Dr. Strange and several heroes – went back to free the remaining slaves, but was captured
    • Mojo then captured Psylocke and implanted cameras in her eyes to broadcast what she saw to his TV audience – although he was defeated by the X-Men, the battles created high ratings, so he remained popular
    • Longshot did eventually free the slaves, and Mojo was replaced with a humanoid clone, Mojo II: The Sequel, but he was also defeated by Longshot, and the original Mojo returned
    • At one point, captured most of the X-Men and recreated important points from their history, all while broadcasting it across the Mojoverse – simultaneously attempted to terraform NYC into the Mojoverse – defeated by an electromagnetic pulse that destroyed his equipment
    • In addition, the Howard the Duck movie is canon in the comics – Mojo filmed an alien in a duck costume interacting with Lea Thompson as part of a reality series on Howard the Duck
  • Issues (9:07)
    • Mania
    • Gluttony/hedonism (14:28)
    • How much of it is his fault? (21:12)
  • Break (28:42)
  • Treatment (29:59)
    • In-universe – Install an M-Chip to block him from accessing signals and unpry his eyes
    • Out of universe – (33:10)
  • Skit (39:25)
  • Ending (47:11)
    • Recommended reading: X-Men: Black – Mojo, Mojo Worldwide
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    • Plugs for social


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