Capes on the Couch Episodes,Thematic Issue 169 – Animal Sidekicks

Issue 169 – Animal Sidekicks

We take a look at ANIMAL SIDEKICKS! Which ones are helpful to their humans, and which ones are just kinda… there?

  • Intro

    • Reference Linear Kang cut

  • Background (02:45)

  • Lockheed

    • Created by Chris Claremont & Paul Smith in The Uncanny X-Men #166 (Feb. 1983)

    • Alien dragon (called Flock) and sidekick to Kitty Pryde of the X-Men – he actually considers her to be his pet

    • One story made reference to ability to speak English, but otherwise he can understand it but only makes animal noises

  • Gleek (10:23)

    • Debuted in the All-New Super Friends Hour (Sept. 10, 1977), and made his first appearance in comics in Super Friends #7 (Oct. 1977)

    • Blue alien monkey and friend to Zan & Jayna, the Wonder Twins

    • He can understand English, but only capable of chittering

  • Lockjaw (17:36)

    • Created by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby in the Fantastic Four #45 (Dec. 1965)

    • Giant dog who serves as the transporter for the Inhumans

    • Treated by the Inhumans as a pet, but a loyal and well-cared-for one

  • Krypto (25:42)

    • Created by Otto Binder & Curt Swan in Adventure Comics #210 (March 1955)

    • Kryptonian dog who is Superman’s loyal pet & companion

    • Has sacrificed himself a few times in various DC continuities to protect his master & save people, including attacking Mongul, and he bit Kryptonite Man to save Clark, dying of poisoning shortly afterwards

    • In one story, responsible for the Great Chicago Fire of 1871

  • Ending

    • Recommended reading: Lockjaw & the Pet Avengers

    • Next episodes: Claire Voyant, Meghan Fitzmartin, Penguin

    • Plugs for social & GonnaGeek Network


  • Laika – Anthony (26:14)

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