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Creators on the Couch – Meghan Fitzmartin

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We talk with the writer of Tim Drake: Robin, Meghan Fitzmartin! This previously Patreon-exclusive hits the main feed – listen now!

  • Intro
  • Background
    • First creator who’s also a podcaster – tell us about the scripted audio dramas
    • TV & animation work – was that spun out of podcasts?
    • How did you get started in writing comics?
  • Tim Drake series
    • How did you get the gig writing Batman: Urban Legends?
    • Decision to make Tim bisexual – how much input did you have, was it editorial
      • Continuation of his story in Pride special & solo series
      • Creation of side characters in marina
      • Tim very distinct Robin – how to maintain that clarity of character & separation from rest of Batfamily
  • Ending
    • Recommended reading: Tim Drake: Robin
    • Next episodes: Claire Voyant, Penguin, Shazam
    • Plugs for social

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