Issue 95 – Killer Croc

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    • Killer Croc created by Gerry Conway and Gene Colan in Detective Comics #523 (Feb 1983)
    • Waylon Jones was born with lizard like features – raised by his abusive aunt, he killed her and became a criminal in Gotham, where he tangled with Batman numerous times
    • Post Crisis, he got isolated for months after being trapped under rubble – he has several battles with Bane, who always bests him and he ends up in Arkham
    • New 52 – he is Roy Harper’s alcoholism sponsor
    • In Arkham, befriended a woman named Sybil with DID, and when he got out, he found her daughter and promised to watch over her
    • Rebirth – Joined the Suicide Squad, and had a brief romance with June Moon, human side of Enchantress, who saw him as more than just a monster
    • Part of Harley Quinn’s crew for a period, and later ran a hotel for redeemed villains/monsters
  • Issues (09:56)
    • History of abuse due to appearance, started in childhood
    • Did not handle isolation well, and lashed out (17:36)
    • Relationship with June made him feel worthy of love for the first time (26:40)
  • Break (41:24)
  • Treatment (42:41)
    • In-universe – dive into the sewer, don’t mind the smell
    • Out of universe – (46:38)
  • Skit (52:34) 
  • Ending (56:43)
    • Recommended reading: Suicide Squad v 5
    • Review read: The Villains Demand: If you want a a unique insight into your favorite characters then subscribe and tune in. As a huge comic book reader this an interesting perspective on heroes, villains and everyone in between. A channel with a massive YouTube reach should reach out and makes shorts based on these. It’s easily a million dollar idea. And someone hit Marvel up because Dr. Issues needs to set up shop by Night Nurse.
    • Next episodes: Mental Health Avengers, Black Adam, Hank McCoy
    • Plugs for social


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