Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 131 – James Gordon Jr.

We prove sometimes the apple falls VERY FAR from the tree, courtesy of James Gordon Jr. What separates him from his morally upstanding father, aside from everything? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 126 – Rogue

Get out your long gloves and get some sugah – we’re talking ROGUE! This Southern belle’s got a wild streak as long as the white streak in her hair – listen now!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 118 – Black Mask

We go back to the Batman rogues gallery to examine Black Mask! Why does Roman have a legitimate axe to grind with his parents? Tune in to find out!

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Issue 110 – Superman: Red Son

We travel to an alternate Soviet Russia to examine Superman: Red Son! How can people from completely different backgrounds peacefully coexist? That and more in this episode – listen now!

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Issue 109 – Levana Blackburn

We make our first venture to the world of the Lunar Chronicles to meet the evil queen Levana Blackburn, whose problems are much more than skin deep!

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Issue 108 – Phillip Kennedy Johnson

Just as The Last God finishes up, we talk to writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson! What inspired him to write Last Sons of America? How did his personal fighting style influence Kill a Man? And what’s to come on Superman & Alien? Listen now to find out!

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Issue 107 – Catwoman

After 107 episodes, we FINALLY get around to Catwoman. Why does Selina keep trying to reform, and why doesn’t it stick? Listen to find out!

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Issue 105 – WandaVision

Before WandaVision drops on Disney+ this week, learn about the relationship between Wanda Maximoff and Vision. How similar are the comics and the MCU versions? About as different as the real Leonia NJ and the one in the comics.

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Issue 104 – Maxwell Lord

It’s our Season 5 premiere, and we cover Maxwell Lord, baddie of the new Wonder Woman film. What drove this amoral businessman to go full supervillain? Listen now!

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Issue 90 – Uatu the Watcher

We go from reading to watching, as we examine UATU! How does Doc propose to cure this voyeur of his addiction? Find out – listen now!