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Issue 109 – Levana Blackburn

We make our first venture to the world of the Lunar Chronicles to meet the evil queen Levana Blackburn, whose problems are much more than skin deep!

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  • Intro
    • Shoutout to Ms. Yarbrough’s class – listened to episode on Xavier/Magneto
    • Email us voice recordings of your thoughts on Batman & what he means to you for upcoming episode –
  • Background (4:54)
    • Levana Blackburn created by Marissa Meyer, introduced in Cinder, published July 2012
    • Antagonist of the Lunar Chronicles, particularly the first book Cinder
    • Based on the Evil Queen from fairy tales
    • Levana is queen of Luna, a colony of Earth set in a future where cyborgs and magic are real
    • Had an older sister who was mercilessly cruel to her as a child, and pushed her into a fire, scarring half her face and most of her body
    • She spends all of her time using a “glamour” – magic that allows Lunars to alter their appearance
    • At 15, her parents are killed, and her sister ascends to the throne, but is more interested in promiscuity and cruelty
    • Levana has a crush on a palace guard at least 10 years older than her, Evret Hayle
    • After Evret’s wife dies in childbirth, Levana changes her glamour to look like his dead wife in an effort to convince Evret to fall in love with her – when it doesn’t work naturally, she uses Lunar magic to persuade him to marry her
    • Levana’s sister has a child out of wedlock, but then dies shortly thereafter – Levana becomes queen regent until the girl, Selene, is of age – Levana plots to have her die in a fire so she can remain queen
    • Later decides that she must take over Earth to get its resources, and the only way to do that is to have a marriage of convenience with an Earthen ruler, so she has Evret murdered – later marries Prince Kai after sending Lunar soldiers to massacre Earthens
    • Discovers Selene survived the fire and was smuggled to Earth, now known as Cinder – now tries to have her murdered because she is the rightful heir to the Lunar throne
    • Is also responsible for sending a plague to Earth to decimate the population so she can show up with an antidote and be seen as a savior
    • Dies in a battle with Selene
  • Issues (10:18)
    • Ashamed of appearance, and always uses glamour to hide
    • Parents were distant and sister is cruel – Evret’s kindness is the first affection she’s been shown (16:05)
    • Lust for power then overrides that (22:04)
  • Break (29:58)
  • Treatment (31:31)
    • In-universe – Use glamour as a treatment
    • Out of universe – (33:16) Use the King’s Speech as a basis – acknowledge the fault
  • Skit (feat. Brittney from Popcorn Psychology as Levana) (39:39)
  • Ending (45:09)
    • Recommended reading: Cinder & Fairest
    • Next episodes: Superman: Red Son (Brian), Mojo (Matt), Batman Month 1
    • Review read: Mike Buhtanic – 5 stars – Combining psychiatry and Super Heroes!  What a great concept!  I listened to the Maxwell Lord episode and loved it.  Definitely going to go through the backlog.  Would recommend completely!  Check it out!
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