Capes on the Couch Episodes,Special,Thematic Issue 75 – Capes in Court

Issue 75 – Capes in Court

Issue 75 – Capes in Court post thumbnail image


  • Intro

    • Social distancing – next few episodes will be recorded remotely

    • New patron – Tasha – new Mayor level patron

    • Review read – Dino Gangof1 from Huuuh? Podcast – “More than a comics podcast. Delves deep into superhero psyche. Always a great listen. A new must in my book.”

    • Shoutout to Happier Podcast – Gretchen Rubin helps listeners find a happier life

  • Issue – how to handle estate planning in a world where death is not permanent (09:45)

    • Examples: Jean Grey, Superman, Wolverine – countless heroes have died and returned

    • Furthermore, non-powered individuals have returned from the dead as a result of the actions of heroes

      • E.g. Avengers: Endgame and the fallout of “the Snap” seen in Spider-Man: Far From Home

    • What happens to their stuff – finances, personal effects, etc.

    • What tools could be used:

      • Primarily trusts

      • Laws passed regarding resurrection

      • Draw distinction between powered individuals and humans

  • Break (41:35)

  • Real-life legality (42:27)

    • Declared death in absentia

    • Property held in trust

    • Call to action: Get an estate plan (62:00)

  • Ending

    • Next episodes: Kamala Khan, Secret identities, Shredder

    • Reminder of TPB review for Patrons at Local Official level & up – this month Locke & Key: Welcome to Lovecraft


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