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The Longbox View #5

Ariel finishes her Longbox Review of the Black Mirror by Scott Synder and company. How does this epic story finish? Read now to find out!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 120 – Isaiah Bradley

Right after his appearance in Falcon & Winter Soldier, we take a look at the first Black Captain America, Isaiah Bradley! This is an emotional one – you won’t want to miss it!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 119 – John Walker

Before the season finale of Falcon & Winter Soldier, we talk about John Walker! Does this Agent of America have a personal life? What would he do with free time? All this and more in a heavy hitting episode – listen now!

Batman Rogues DC Episodes Villains

Issue 118 – Black Mask

We go back to the Batman rogues gallery to examine Black Mask! Why does Roman have a legitimate axe to grind with his parents? Tune in to find out!

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The Longbox View #4

Ariel’s back with another Longbox View – this time it’s Part 2 of the Batman: The Black Mirror review! Read now!

Episodes Heroes

Issue 117 – Elastigirl

We stretch beyond our usual characters to cover Elastigirl! How flexible is this mom of 3 when it comes to juggling work and family? Listen now to find out!

Batfamily DC Episodes

Issue 116 – Batman in Therapy

It’s finally here. Batman. On Dr. Issues’ couch. Listen now!

Batfamily DC Episodes Special

Issue 115 – Batman Commentary

For the 4th BatMarch episode, we do a full-length commentary on the 1989 film classic BATMAN!

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The Longbox View #3

Through the Mirror Darkly

Batfamily DC Episodes Thematic

Issue 114 – Batman by the Fans

For our 3rd BatMarch episode, we turn things over to YOU, the fans, to sound off on the Dark Knight. Memories, favorite moments, it’s all here – listen now!