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Issue 43 – John Constantine

It’s the magical conman from Liverpool, John Constantine! Anthony & Doc discuss this Sting lookalike and why he has so few friends. Plus hear the worst attempt at a Scouse accent you’ve ever heard!

Episodes Heroes Marvel

Issue 30 – Molecule Man

Molecule Man, Molecule Man, does whatever a molecule can… that includes being a mama’s boy and making Twilight Zone references! Listen now!

Episodes Heroes Marvel Mutants X-Men

Issue 29 – Wolverine

We’re the best at what we do, and what we do is analyze WOLVERINE! Doc & Anthony break down James “Logan” Howlett and his relationships. Plus Doc sings Peter Cetera and Anthony goes Tough Mudder on Kitty Pryde. Listen now!

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Issue 24 – Governor

Our first ever listener-poll chosen episode – THE GOVERNOR from the Walking Dead! Doc shudders over the unholy trinity of sexual taboos, and Anthony makes the fewest pop culture references in an episode! Listen now!

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Issue 18 – Casey Jones

This week, it’s the masked vigilante and cricket aficionado CASEY JONES! Anthony tackles his ever-changing backstory, while Dr. Issues discusses what makes vigilantes difficult to treat. And the couch session is unlike anything that’s come before. So get high on cocaine and watch your speed – listen now!