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It’s Easy to Commit Voter Fraud when Your District Is Dead!

Doc reviews how good of a leader the Governor from the Walking Dead would be in real life. SPOILER: Not great.

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Stress and Triplets… You Have NO Idea!

Doc analyzes the Stepford Cuckoos as a trio, and compares them to real twin & triplet studies. As expected, nothing goes well.

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Spawn – Made in the 90s and stuck there

Anthony talks about how Spawn is the perfect embodiment of the 90s, comic warts and all.


Why talk about Typhoid Mary when I can talk about Typhoid Mary?

Doc compares the historical Typhoid Mary to the comic portrayal. It doesn’t go well for anyone, least of all Doc.

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The God of Mischief strikes the studios…

Loki sabotages our audio – no episode this week, just a skit!

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Musings on Moon Knight

Anthony waxes and wanes (pun intended) poetic about Moon Knight. Be warned, it’s a bit lengthy – lunar eclipses don’t last as long as this post.

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Musings on Joker

Doc gets analytical on his favorite comic book character, the Joker. You can read it, but don’t blame us for any subsequent insanity.