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Issue 140 – Donna Troy

Some heroes have a confusing origin story. Donna Troy has them all beat. We tackle Wonder Girl and her conflicting stories – listen now!

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Issue 106 – Clones

It bears repeating, but clones (and their originals) have a whole host of issues. So many, in fact, that this is an extra-long episode – and we barely scratch the surface! Listen now!

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Issue 94 – Baphomet

We take our first trip to the world of the Wicked + the Divine to examine Baphomet! And it’s so complex, we enlisted Jered from the Fantom Zone to help us! Does this role playing god find a name he’s comfortable with? Listen now to find out!

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Issue 68 – Medusa

It’s a hair-raising episode, as Anthony & Doc look at Medusa, Queen of the Inhumans! Heavy is the head that wears the crown, especially when it’s covered in prehensile hair! How does she want to break away from her husband, Black Bolt? All this, plus a special guest voice – Anna from Freudian Sips as Medusa! Listen now!

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Issue 65 – The Maxx

Anthony & Doc travel to the Outback to visit the world of THE MAXX! This 90s comic is so trippy, and its inhabitants so off-the-wall, that it takes the entire episode to break down 4 characters. So grab a lampshade and get inside a cardboard box – listen now!

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Issue 20 – Multiple Man

It’s our second ever Patreon President-selected episode, as listener Matt suggests Multiple Man Jamie Madrox! Anthony & Dr. Issues discuss paralysis by analysis, and Doc deals with an unorthodox group session. Listen now!